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This feeds are realy classy. Last time i went from the pub home,
i got bit lost. The perspective in the city can get tricky - 
While coming from the pub i could see the top of pick of the grey
skyskraper... then mooving closer, i lost its site. On the mainstreet
i got distracted by the sweet girls in flashy dresses... It was my 
first time coming home, here in the nightfall, i didnt know the
adress, the info i had contained only the appartment number and 
"Grey skyskraper"... obvious, when looking from distance, then you
come closer and more closer you are, more it blends in with the 
other buildings.
Like religion. The religious concepts are so distinct from far away.
Closer you come with the concepts, and you see it are the same / very
similar things (rituals, teachings, they mostly do the same things, but
name them diferently...). At the base identical.
And when youre infront of your house, you are not home yet. You have
to enter. And my home is in the skyscraper. So, which floor is my
appartment at? How to operate the elevator... or maybe i take the
stairs... Then at home i can perform a deepdive and i can feel
what i can not describe with words and its so good i could call it god.

Got distracted.
I came here to ask about the - its saying Privacy error
? has the certificate expired
Its not nice when you loose your faith. And i lost my faith in the
state, the system and all parts of it; school, cultural sector, social
institutions, police, court...
They (the actors - policemen, teacher, lawyers, judges, polititians) 
prooved useless. If they dont act by the book, they all play by the
money. And if you dont have the money, they all are trampling on
the most vulnerable, pretending that they are doing their job,
faking the results. Dicusting.
Mass surveilance and the digital footprint can be so harmful if not
used a sensible way. Violating privacy and hiding the truth and 
obscuring the facts is so wrong! And when this is done systematicaly
and the methodds are - evidently being used upon the people from the
lowest class / exclusively!
When you see that there is no truth in the actions done, you stop
believing. But i did not loose my faith. I became a Sanatani. The
seeking brougt me to the Nightfall City.
And things in Nightfall are working. Now at least i have some
... ok, da nebi prejudicirali.
*sunday, 10. september 2023