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Another night in Nightfall City. Cruising (1980), driving around
for social purposes. Exploring the city, meeting new people. Lots of stuff
that is still left out by the AI. This is my opportunity. Met another 
thing thats not documented here on the web: mo3s garden. There is 
much more life in Nightfall, than you can see on the smallweb. Lots
are not aware of the smallweb, or are not able to use it... some couse
of harware, some cant use the keyboard... I was amazed that Ishikawa didnt
know about the NPS (the Nightfall Postal Service) and he runs a hardware store!
Can be the infrastructure is new. Like new to all.
Didnt ask toomany questions. As a newcomer i dont understand a lot here.
But i see i could assist to some, maybe do some barter...

I tried to connect from some terminal, i managed to sneek in as a superuser,
but the device had a windoze system on, and the nc command did not work.
That i have to figure out. Sure someone in midnight would know the trick.
But i dont like to go to bars with an empty wallet... If i dont find some
other way, ill mutilate a cashmachine and employ the mariposa bot. Would
feel much better if being able to barter in the midnight pub. Pubs usualy
operate on the exhange of money and ill eventualy have to get some also.

But for now ill just do what i can do best - make webpages on smallweb
do some advertising and compete with the AI.