Dusk's End

We can see it all from the top of the hills in Dusk's End. It's hard to tell apart the sky from the skyline, but locals enjoy the distance. The eerie city lights projected on the sky invite reverie and introspection. People from all over come watch the moment night falls from this scenic landmark.

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2021-09-16 maya.land - an imagemagick script that can produce fractalesque kaleidoscope-like image deformations
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2021-09-14 maya.land - tech is bad because it’d rather use evopsych to blame teenage girls than admit social media might be hurting them
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2021-09-11 maya.land - a tarot kickstarter that seems to have spared no expense in print quality
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2021-09-07 maya.land - heat related mortality in over-65s has 1.5xed in past two decades
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2021-09-04 ⛰️ Mntn's gemlog - Contributing to free software projects can be easy(ish)
2021-09-02 maya.land - the guy who did final fantasy is making an rpg by photographing crafted sets to make them 3d
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2021-08-31 m15o - Web form for Nightfall City
2021-08-31 m15o - uxn
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2021-08-31 maya.land - emma goldman actually never said that thing about dancing and revolution
2021-08-31 maya.land - joy of joys, PFAs are apparently also in the air…
2021-08-31 maya.land - you may not like it, but this is what peak web design looks like
2021-08-31 Martenblog - An Ambience of Blighted Nostalgia