echo grid/ | nc 1900 | less
                                     ,,        ,,  
                                     db      `7MM  
                 .P"Ybmmm `7Mb,od8 `7MM   ,M""bMM  
                :MI  I8     MM' "'   MM ,AP    MM  
                 WmmmP"     MM       MM 8MI    MM  
                8M          MM       MM `Mb    MM  
                 YMMMMMb  .JMML.   .JMML.`Wbmd"MML.
                6'     dP                          

IRC: #grid on

Grid is a text editor inspired by ACME. Create your own lexicon of 
words and execute them directly within Grid to build your own knowledge 
base, surf the small web, edit your Nex station, or anything in between!

=> edit-station.png
=> browse-nex.png
=> knowledge-base.png



Grid is written in a Forth-like language called Gridscript, and C. 
Gridscript is a little general-purpose Forth with only a single stack 
for data-passing and that leverage registers to facilitate stack 

=> gridscript.txt

The best way to learn Grid is to start using it. It comes bundled with 
a ready-to-use lexicon that you can use to compose words for your own 

=> lexicon.txt


- CTRL+ENTER: Create a new window
- CTRL+N: Create a new column
- CTRL+d: Delete selected window
- CTRL+a: Go to start of line
- CTRL+e: Go to end of line
- CTRL+w: Delete last word
- CTRL+u: delete until start of line
- CTRL+c: copy to clipboard
- CTRL+v: paste from clipboard
- CTRL+l: load file
- CTRL+[: history back
- CTRL+]: history next
- CTRL+f: autocomplete path
- CTRL+y: yank from snarf buffer
- CTRL+x: execute the first word of the menu
- CTRL+o: paste text from the last deleted page
- Double left click: highlight word
- Right click: execute selection
- Middle click: execute selection in shell



rsync -av --delete .