echo nex/ | nc 1900 | less
                    .        +                       .
                        N i g h t f a l l
                       E  X  P  R  E  S  S      .
                 *            .
                        .            '

   Welcome to Nightfall City's Express Transportation System -- Nex!
   Nex is the best way to enjoy the city's landmarks and scenic views.
   The shuttles are operated by Nightfall City's Rail Company and
   boast modern design and comfort for its users.

=> info/


=> in/
   The Inbound line is directly operated by the Nex. These stops will
   bring you all across Nightfall. Want your own stop? Get space by
   sending me an email at m15o at posteo dot net.

=> out/
   The Outbound line connects Nightfall to nearby cities and regions.
   If your stop uses Nex infrastructure, let me know!