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                 A P P L Y   F O R   C I T I Z E N S H I P

   From public transportation to a postal service, Nightfall City clearly 
   offers all the amenities that makes its citizen happy. This is why we, 
   at the Mayor's office, decided to open Citizenship Application to 
   anyone: now, you too can enjoy life in the city.

   ===========================================  In order for us to give you
   |   ________    _  _  ___                 |  your citizen card, we will
   |  |        |  | \| |/ __| C I T I Z E N  |  need to get some information
   |  |        |  | .` | (__  C A R D - - -  |  from you. Specifically, your
   |  |  YOUR  |  |_|\_|\___| - - - - - - -  |  username. You can pick any
   |  |  PIC.  |                             |  name you want provided it's
   |  |  HERE  |  Name: [YOUR NAME]          |  not already taken, and isn't
   |  |________|  District: Shore            |  offensive.
   |                                         |

    Upon receving your citizenship, you will be provided with a plot for a
    house in the Shore, the city's newest district. Your house will face the
    sea, a perfect spot for reflection far from the city center.

    As time goes, other services will become available to citizens. We will
    make sure to let you know as they get released!


   Applications use Nightfall City's Postal Service (NPS). Here is what the
   content of your letter should have:

   nc 1915
   > register
   > your-username
   > .

   This will provide you with a Citizen ID. Make sure to save this ID and to
   keep it for yourself! You will need it to access to the city's services.

   Once you are a citizen, take a look at the Citizen Manual to understand
   how you can access your services!

=> manual.txt