echo citizenship/manual.txt | nc 1900 | less
Nightfall City's

C I T I Z E N  M A N U A L

   As a Nightfall Citizen, you have access to your own house in the Shore 
   district of the city. This section of the manual will explain you how 
   to access it and build it.

   Accessing your house
   You can reach the Shore by using the Nightfall Express:
   Head over to nex://

   echo shore/your-username/ | nc 1900

   Your house is also available on the web at:

   Create/Edit a page
   Use Nightfall's Postal Service (NPS) the following way:

   nc 1915
   > shore/your-username/page.txt
   > content of your page
   > .

   The first line is the path of your page. It's followed by your citizen ID,
   then by the content of your page. The last element is a "." to tell NPS that
   you finished transmitting information.

      Special pages
      If you create a file called only 'index', it will be presented when somone
      visits a directory, instead of the file listing. It's convenient to put
      one on the root folder of your home!

      Instead of a file called 'index', you can create one called '.header'.
      This one will be displayed at the top of your file listing when someone
      visits a directory.

      To add CSS to the web version of your site, you can create a file called
      '.style.css' at the root of a folder. 

   Create a directory
   To keep things tidy, you can create folders:

   nc 1915
   > shore/your-username/folder_name
   > .

   The first line is the path of your folder, followed by your citizen ID, and
   by a line with only 'CREATE_DIR'. Finally, an ending ".".

   Delete a file/folder
   You can delete pages and folder like this:

   nc 1915
   > shore/your-username/todelete.txt
   > .

   Start with the path of the item to delete, pass your citizen ID, then write
   a line with only 'DELETE'. End with a ".".