echo nex/in/alexlehm/ | nc 1900 | less
alexlehm's train station

=> nex://

Some things I am interested:

- Star Trek, Star Wars, Dune and other sci-fi stories, movies and tv
- Music of most types, mainly pop music
- Computer, Internet, new computers, old computers
- any kind of communication on the Internet (talk anybody?)
- Unix, Linux and variants of that
- emacs or microemacs or whatever (if I have the choice, I prefer
emacs to vi for sure). This page was made with mg

This page is a first shot at a nex-page, I am not really good at
making Internet pages in general.

=> Alex_in_Anzug.jpg a picture of me

=> testdocument.txt a few examples of "difficult" text

A few links, mostly to normal pages:

=> links page
=> sdf page about smallweb stuff
=> mail plain email (or use PGP)

=> ../m15o/ the owner of this server

=> / root site of this server