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                              B I T T E R S

Bitters is an open-source text editor. It's heavily inspired by the 
Canon Cat computer: it builds on the Cat's novel ideas, and adds some 
of it's own to the mix!

Bitters makes use of LEAP, one of the Cat's most famous legacy, to 
simplify text editing. Leaping, also known as incremental search, 
allows the writer to jump directly to the letter they target, without 
having to use the arrow keys or the mouse. Here is how it goes. First 
we press the LEAP key. Then we start to type a pattern. The cursor 
jumps to the closest occurence of the pattern. That's it! Anything can 
go in a pattern: letters, spaces, RETURN, and special characters like 
PAGE and DOCUMENT. Of course, there's much more depth to it. But magic 
lies in how simple it is and how much it enables! On Bitters (and the 
Cat), the LEAP key is used to do about everything: correct typos, 
navigate the text, look up information while editing, highlight text, 
move it around, and more.

Bitters is written in ANSI C, and depends on SDL2. It should run on any 
unix-based system. It's still a work in progress, so expect bugs to 
happen! But let me know if you find any. :)


Want to see bitters in action? Have a look at the following screenshots:

=> screenshot1.png
=> screenshot2.png


2023-09-20: New version released that includes the ability to run 
commands, to resize the window and a new font, taken from the original 
Canon Cat.