echo nex/info/specification.txt | nc 1900 | less
                           THE NEX PROTOCOL

Nex is a simple internet protocol designed for distributed document
retrieval. It's inspired by gopher and gemini.

Servers should listen on port 1900. Afterall, night falls at 7pm!
Users connect and send the server a path which may be empty. The
server responds with text or binary data and close the connection. No
state is retained.

Document content is returned as-is. Directory content use plain text
with a special syntax where each line beginning by "=> " followed by a
URL is considred a link. The URL can be absolute or relative. Here are

=> nex://
=> about.txt
=> ../nexlog/

Clients can assume that an empty path or a path finishing with / is a
directory. A document should be displayed based on the path's file
extension. When there is no extension, plain text is assumed.

Here is an example telnet session:
telnet 1900

Hello world!